Crazy Japanese TV show aired Qatari’s average annual income is USD520,000

Japanese TV Show 「教科書にのせたい」(=which means “I want to post it on textbook”) aired recently that average Qatari’s annual income is ¥40,000,000 Japanese Yen, or if I convert it into USD, $520,000.

We think this TV show has exaggerated Qatari’s income.

We are investigating this show and we are looking for this Qatari man who showed his house and mentioned that his salary is USD300,000 and he positions lower than middle class in Qatar, which is fine.

He and other 11 people, totally 12 people this Japanese TV staffs interviewed in Qatar and they calculated as 40,000,000 yen is Qatari’s average annual income, and this number is totally Wrong.

We need to locate this Qatari man to interview and investigate what exactly happened when Japanese TV was filming.

This TV show showed car number plate and we are looking for the owner of this car too.

Please forward this message and photos to your Qatari friends to find him.

This TV show gave Japanese people wrong message about Qataris, and we are going to make official complaint to this TV station.

In order to do so, we need to find this Qatari man.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Let’s show REAL Qatari’s life to Japanese people, not exaggerated one.










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